The Underdog Approach to Betting Online

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With the World Cup slowly but surely creeping up on us and all eyes on the players who’ll be participating in Russia2018, it’s quite interesting to note how the teams that will be involved in the global showpiece are faring in their friendly matches. This brings to light the discussion amongst betting fans that keeps cropping up whenever international games are on the go.

Bookies themselves don’t quite appreciate having to drum up odds for international games because of just how predictable they generally are, but that predictability is perhaps only limited to friendly matches and it’s getting less and less so…

The fact that regular betting has the bookies disbursing low payouts during FIFA international breaks speaks to the very premise on which sports betting sentiment thrives. Everybody tends to predict that the results are going to favour the favourites, for example if Germany were to come up against Colombia then you would be crazy to bet that Colombia is going to get one over the reigning world champions and Confederations Cup champions, wouldn’t you? Furthermore, Germany is ranked number one by quite the margin on the FIFA world rankings table, so what case would you have for betting that Colombia is going to beat Germany?

In all fairness though, any sports betting fan, whether they bet online to have access to an easier way to bet or indeed if they head on down to their local betting tab, will tell you a story of how whenever they’ve managed to guess the outcomes of the latest wager right it has likely been when there were some international games going on. Of course what that means is that everybody else got all the results right as well, which in turn means that the jackpot shared results in very low payouts.

This brings to light the online betting strategy of the day, which is that of taking the underdog approach.

The underdog betting strategy goes against the very nature of anyone who has an inclination to gamble in any way, but particularly those who are into sports betting. Bringing things back to the nature of the typical bettor, this would have you choosing the favourite over the underdog, as in our Germany versus Colombia example.

This has to change if you can truly refer to yourself as a bettor deploying the underdog betting strategy. Simply put, bet on the underdogs because once in a while the underdog wins and when the underdog wins you will win BIG if you’ve put some money on them.

If you want some official analyses carried out with some history-backed statistics then you can get more info at, but fundamentally the underdog approach to betting would have you looking at something like the La Liga and realising that often the champions never go an entire season without losing a single game. Barcelona or Real Madrid and perhaps even Atletico Madrid may go on to win the league by quite some distance, but they will have lost at least three games per season on average, which means if you consistently bet against these giants throughout the season, on three occasions at least you’ll win big!