Zoning in on US Online Casino Software Providers

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The people working over in the financial sector might have a different take on things, but ever since the development of computers and computing power in its various deployments, there is perhaps no better path to pursue than that which has something to do with programming/development. I mean the brokers and other financial figures talk about how they can effectively manufacture money out of thin air through borrowing and lending as well as through scalping (charging small amounts of money in service fees for high volume transactions) amongst so many other practices, but who makes any of that possible?

It’s programmers, isn’t it? How else would trades be facilitated were it not for the software running everything from displaying the latest news online to real-time representations of what the share prices are doing?

Of course we all know that the world of trading as part of the financial sector is not unlike the online gambling world. There are so many parallels to draw between online trading and online gambling, so if you’re considering venturing into any one of the two on more of a serious level, perhaps online gambling is the way to go. You can gain an advantage by simply zoning in on the software providers whose solutions run all the behind the scenes operations of the most popular US online casinos in particular.

The online trading world has the likes of MetaTrader and other platforms which are deployed by pretty much all the brokers to run their operations, while the online gambling world is largely powered by two dominant players, namely RTG (Real Time Gaming) and Rival Gaming. Of course we’re talking mainly about the United States here and there’s a reason why online casino operators tend to gravitate to one or both of these two particular gaming software developers.

It’s a matter of regulatory compliance in that any online casino has to conform to some strict rules which govern its operation, aimed primarily at protecting consumers and making sure they get a fair deal when betting online. RTG and Rival Gaming lead the way in creating and maintaining casino engine software that makes it easy for casino operators to comply with the strict laws governing casinos that serve the US public.

RTG in particular was formed in and around the dotcom boom-bust era, which suggests a certain pedigree that has seen them grow and evolve with the evolution of the World Wide Web, while Rival Gaming’s angle seems to be more of one that aims to take the real-world casino experience and put it onto the screens of those who have an interest in trying their luck with online casinos. If you’re of that ilk then you can grab top US casino deals to set you well on your way with some special offers and promos, otherwise your growing knowledge of the development approach deployed by the underlying US casino software providers will give you a further technical advantage if your betting approach is indeed one based on technical analysis, like analysing pure winning odds and permutations in games such as online slots, roulette, Blackjack, Poker-based games, etc.