5 Easy to Start Computer Home-Based Business Ideas

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Advantages of having a computer-based business are incredible, ranging from the fact that you’re not location-bound, all the way to the fact that you get to fully customize your work schedule. Nowadays, it’s safe to say that the Australian market is changing under the influence of the phenomenon of remote working. This is especially true in major business hubs such as Sydney.

However, the potential for profit, expansion and lateral career movement mostly depend on the industry that you decide to join. With too many options to choose from, picking the one industry that’s right for you may be somewhat problematic. Still, if you’re realistic about your skills, preferences and ambitions, this shouldn’t be too hard. Here are five ideas for you to consider.

1.      Graphic design

What’s so great about the idea of graphic design is the fact that you get to earn money by exploring your creativity. A certificate might be necessary for you to get the initial boost but, in freelancing and telecommuting, it’s all about what you can do, not what kind of certificate you have. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that graphic design may require you to invest in a tad more expensive hardware and software. The ROI of these devices is great, however, and you’ll reach the break-even point sooner than you expect.

2.      Copywriting

Unlike graphic designing, copywriting doesn’t require any kind of certificates or expensive software, meaning that it’s much more beginner and budget friendly. Sure, you need to have MS Word (which you probably have already), but you can also do just as well with Google Docs or any other free alternative. As for additional software such as Grammarly, paying for the premium license is definitely worth your while, yet, even a free version can give you some degree of assistance. In other words, it only depends on how much you’re willing to commit (in terms of resources).

3.      Online tutoring

If you have a skill that’s in a great demand online, you can start tutoring people online. You can start working for an agency and then pivot to doing some independent work (for maximum profit) once you’re skilled and reputable enough. The problem with online tutoring (in comparison to the previous two) lies in the fact that you’ll have a fixed schedule. Unlike with copywriting, you can’t just sit and work any time you feel like it. You’ll have a pre-arranged schedule to stick to and there are no excuses for failing to do so. This is why you need to have an reliable Sydney electrician on speed dial and a backup internet connection.

4.      Fleet management

Another interesting concept for you to consider is the one of fleet management. A lot of businesses with an in-house delivery service are trying to boost its efficiency by hiring a skilled fleet manager to help them out. This involves monitoring the vehicles in the fleet, coming up with the most efficient routes, spotting potentially hazardous driving behavior and keeping your eye out for fuel efficiency. In other words, this is great for those who excel at multitasking and problem-solving.

5.      Customer service

Speaking of industries that require the aptitude for problem-solving, one must mention customer service. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is definitely not for everyone. Only people with the ability to listen, heightened empathy and good-enough communication skills will make it in this field. For those who do manage to pull this off, the options are numerous and chances of advancement quite promising. Also, most companies allow for their customer service representatives to pick their own shift, especially if they boast 24/7 coverage.


At the end of the day, it’s vital that we mention one more thing. Namely, you don’t really have to choose one of these options and stick with it for the rest of your life. You can try your hand at an industry and then pivot if you don’t feel like it’s the right thing for you. The reason why this is so easy is due to the fact that your initial investment (in resources) isn’t that great. Nonetheless, it takes some time for your full potential to be unleashed, which is why this might not be the best tactic.