AR, as a new form of product presentation

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Today it is time to focus only on the augmented reality. AR technology allows us to present products or places in a completely modern and unique way. How can it affect other companies? Does it impress customers? You’ll find out.

I just called to say…

The great advantage of AR technology is the fact that it is combined with some of the most common electronic gadgets – smartphones and tablets. On the streets it is really hard to see people without smartphones, only holding old mobile phones.

This universality is very conducive to augmented reality.

Virtual furniture fittings

How many of us would like to be able to check out the perfect piece of furniture while at home. Try on whether the chair, armchair or sofa will fit in a given corner and how will it blend in colour? The AR works here perfectly. Using a smartphone, you can make a virtual piece of furniture help us in future purchases. Our application for the company is an example of this:

Augmented reality makes shopping simpler and proves a bold approach to modernity.

Catalogues do not have to be boring!

In our mobiles we can already find promotional newsletters and catalogues of various companies. It was a kind of step forward for technology and a departure from standard paper newspapers. Is that all? Of course not. Catalogues can also become more interactive. In particular, when we direct our offer to younger clients, it is worth letting go of fantasy. Children are more likely to pay attention to our electronic newsletter when they are accompanied by a small colourful creature that will help you with your choice from time to time.


I do not have to say anything, the phone will do it for me.

Another great use of the AR is presentation on the expo. Very often, at such places, there are other companies that try to attract the customer. You have to stand out.

Let’s take the automotive industry for example. Instead of tormenting the customer with stories about our product, we can interest him in an innovative solution. By mobile, and more precisely the built-in camera in the phone can read information about specific parts of the product. While targeting the interior of the car and upholstery, customer can get information on what material they are, how much they cost, and what colour variants they have.

The car industry is just an example. Such an application can distinguish the company from the others, in many other industries.

So, on the one hand, information and virtual objects on the other?

That’s right. Thanks to this technology, we are able to show customers our products that we can offer using smartphones. 3D models are often very useful and are a much cheaper solution than producing prototypes.

And on the other hand, we have information displayed. A tablet or smartphone with a camera aimed at the object will display all the necessary information that the client would like to obtain.

The AR technology makes experiencing such a situation is very interesting, and yet it is a normal activity. This is what innovation does, instead of listening to the monotonous voice of the seller, the customer is having fun and getting information about the product.

It can be said that AR is the future for product presentation. We can stand out in the market in a very interesting and unconventional way. Which often determines “to be or not to be”.