Best electric skateboards

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As people have always said, change is inevitable. This can even be seen in the world of skateboards where technology has taken over and we can now see electric skateboards being produced. They have become much popular perhaps due to the fact that you don’t have to push them or drag them with your feet to perform stunts unlike the traditional skateboards.

Well, another reason as to why these products are continuing to gain much popularity is said to be urbanization. With less space comes less parking hence the electric skateboards can really come in handy if you are looking for something powerful yet so much portable and with a lot of convenience.

You can also have a look at an electric skateboard review site to get more information. With that being said let us have a look at some of the best electric skateboards available in the market.

  • Boosted Plus

When it comes to electric skateboards, Boosted Plus is often a big name among the best brands producing some of the best electric skateboards. You should also know that boards produced by this brand are always quite reliable too.

With an ability to hit top speeds of about 22 miles per hour, this particular board uses dual motor drive system to help you reach your destination fast with a lot of ease. It also has a regenerative braking system that allows you to easily climb up steep hills.

Also, this board uses a battery that can take you for a distance of up to 14 miles. This electric board weighs only 17 pounds and a deck measuring 38-inch allowing you to find your balance. If what you are looking for is a smooth simple ride, then this is your board.

  • Action Blink S

If you are looking for a good electric skateboard and you are on a budget, then you should consider having a look at this one here. With a battery that can only last for 7 miles, the board can still offer you a great ride.

It can also reach a top speed of 16 miles per hour making it one of the reliable electric skateboards with a pocket friendly budget. If you are still wondering why this skateboard is considered to be among the best, well, even at its lower price, it still provides a better performance and has such a great build quality compared to others.

The board only weighs 11 pounds making it quite portable. Also, it comes with some integrated lights that can be used when riding in the dark and also uses Bluetooth technology for great handling experience. Surprisingly, this board can even climb up hills. Click here to view more great boards. 

  • Boosted Stealth

If you are a speed demon or you are just a little bit too serious when it comes to skating, you should definitely try out this board. With a battery that can go for up to 14 miles, the board can reach top speeds of about 24 miles per hour.

It has a very great build design with a sleek matte black color touch to make it look quite awesome. Compared to the Boosted Plus, this board also has a 38-inch deck but more flexible, durable and wider. Another thing, just like the name suggests, this board makes almost no sound when you are riding.

It is much stable, quiet and produces a silky-smooth ride all thanks to the 85 mm stratus wheels that are all custom designed. The breaking system is also great as this is among the fastest electric skateboards thus you most definitely need to have a great breaking mechanism.

  • Inboard M1

This is another great electric skateboard that you should consider when shopping for them. Well, even though it won’t provide you with high speeds and long range like the others, it however do come in handy when it comes to portability.

This is because it only weighs 14 pounds. Another awesome feature with this board is the fact that you can be able to swap batteries when using it hence you can be able to ride for a longer distance.

The board can only reach up to 7 miles by default with a top speed of 22 miles per hour. However, this can be doubled or even tripled with the number of batteries you plan to use. It also features a waterproof design, great breaking system and some LED lights for night riding.


If you are tired of driving your car to school and you also don’t find riding a bike to be quite fun, try using the electric skateboards. They are usually available in many different shapes and sizes but these are some of the best in the market. When shopping, make sure you know what features to look for when shopping for electric skateboards as this can help you get a great item.