How Footwear Can Save Your Feet While Cruising

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There’s more to protective riding gear than motorcycle helmets. The only parts of your body that intentionally come in contact with the ground when you’re cruising on your motorcycle are your feet, putting them in a vulnerable position. The proper footwear for cruising not only protects your feet from weather conditions and potential injury, it can also make riding your bike easier.


You may like long, leisurely rides in the mountains or along the coasts, but every once in a while, you come to a point where you have to stop your motorcycle and support both its weight and the weight of your body with your feet. This can put a lot of stress and strain on your lower extremities, but motorcycle boots take some of the pressure off your feet and ankles, which can prevent injuries that occur gradually over time. The stability provided by the durable construction and ankle coverage can also help prevent injury in an accident.


In the event that you lose control of your bike , good traction on your motorcycle boots can help you avoid an accident by gripping the road when you put your feet down to regain your stability. A loss of control is more likely under wet road conditions, making adequate boot traction even more crucial to counteract the problem rather than compounding it. When you’re eager to get out on the road, good boot traction also helps you put your vehicle in motion more quickly and efficiently.

Weather Proofing

Riding a motorcycle is much like any other sort of physical activity in that, to stay comfortable, you need to keep moisture out of your gear while letting air in. Motorcycle boots typically have waterproof membranes made of Gore-Tex or a similar material that keep the water on the road out while wicking moisture away from your body to keep your feet dry and comfortable as you ride.

Work boots are fine when you’re on the job, but they aren’t designed for motorcycling. Cruising boots are made specifically to withstand the conditions you’ll face on the road. Find the right pair for you today.