How to Look Good In Photos?

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Looking good in photos is not rocket science but does need a basic knowledge of few photography fundamentals.  Go through the below-mentioned tips from your friends at Geekslab to know the tricks of the trade that models don’t want you to know.

Click from the right angle

If you are in a seated position, then it’s better to take the photo from above. It presents a more defined jaw-line as you tilt your head to meet the camera. In case you are standing, the picture should be taken from a lower angle. The angle will not only make you look lean but taller.  Avoid taking selfies too close to our face as most of us are not born with chiseled facial structure. Applying the rule of thirds in your photos will also do wonders.

Take note of the lighting

Even though people tend to take a lot of group photos in a bar or restaurant their light setting is not ideal. Due to the overhead lighting people suffer from under- eye circles and uneven skin. To take the best snap in this surrounding, you must put your face towards the light. Furthermore, make a move outside for benefitting from the natural light.  The sun’s glare makes you appear younger and eliminates any unwanted shadow from your face.

Using a blemish remover app

The lighting and surroundings don’t count if your face is full of pimples and scars. The best way to take care of these unwanted blots is by using a quality photo editor to get clear skin. There are many blemish remover apps available now. Try and see which one provides you the most powerful yet natural results. You do not have to look like a Hollywood star as the editor will give you a perfectly toned skin in just a few steps. Moreover, you have the option of adding makeup to your face as well.

Present your left profile

As per our experts, the left side of the human face is more pleasing to others on an average.  It might come as a shock, but the left cheeks showcase more emotional intensity and are aesthetically appealing compared to their right counterpart. The tip is the same for men and women, but you should check your profiles taking a picture in front of a mirror or by someone’s help.

Use the tips as mentioned above to take great photos like the Instagram models everybody adores.  Don’t forget to smile as it’s your best accessory.