Online store for bloggers – extra way to earn money

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Running own blog becoming more and more popular. Some people do it for a hobby, and some treat blogging as a way of life and business. How do bloggers earn money online? According to Whitepress, the most popular form is the publication of sponsored articles. However, about 30% of bloggers sell their own products or services. Often, the influencers run an online store with training or guides. So how to start earning money? You can find the tips below.

Sale of own e-books and training.

Valuable and interesting content attracts the attention of online users. That’s why running an online blog systematically and with the commitment will gather loyal community. The opinion of the blogger starts to be important and significant, hence the person becomes a guru in a certain subject. The transformation from a blogger to an influencer takes place when your opinion has an influence on people choices.  This fact is often exploited by well-known brands. Companies use the blogger’s credibility and reputation to promote their products and services. Usually, an influencer is being paid based on a commission by publishing a sponsored article, showing the advantages and strengths of the product. However, as a blogger, you don’t have to make money only on commissioned deals. You can use your potential and open an online store.

The best way to sell your own content is in the form of training or guides. More and more people are investing in personal development, not only in the professional field but also in their passions. By opening an online store with training programmes, you will enter the personal trainer trend. In addition, you will get your first customers almost immediately – those will be readers from your blog. You are probably wondering about practical issues – preparation and sale of materials. Probably you are also worried about the time you will have to spend on running an online store. Well, it’s easier than you think! Why? Read below!

Let’s start with the most important issue, namely in which formats you should sell your materials. If you write articles, of course, you can prepare guides in PDF formats. However, if you feel better in front of the camera and you run a vlog on a daily basis, you can sell video recordings in MP4 files. In the era of new technologies, e-commerce platforms for a subscription meet the expectations of their customers. With you have no restrictions when it comes to the form of digital files. You can sell electronic content in formats such as PDF, MP3, MP4, EPUB, MOBI or WAV. In addition, one digital file size can be up to 256 MB. However, if your file exceeds this value, you can divide them into smaller parts and add them as products to the online store.

You don’t have to spend long hours running your store. In the case of the sale of digital files, the entire process takes place automatically. This means that when the client finalizes the transactions, an e-mail with the downloadable training will be sent to him from the administration panel of your store. This option will help you to save a lot of time so you can focus on creating new ideas, writing articles or promoting your innovative project. Remember also that digital files in your online store will be secured. Therefore, you don’t have to worried about your files security.

What else should you remember while preparing to run an online store? Although the process of selling digital files is automatic, first you need to customize the online store. In the case of subscription platforms, such as, the configuration of the online store is intuitive and takes about two weeks. Also, remember to connect the online store to your blog. Thanks to this, your channels will be consistent and more recognizable. You can also open an online store on the subdomain, e.g. This will positively affect the positioning of the website.

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Selling training courses or guides can spread your wings. The online store will become your next source of income. Use your potential and reputation, and transform your blog readers into loyal customers. Running an online store on a subscription platform will be a pleasure.

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