Choosing the Right Beef Jerky Packaging for Your New Business

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There are easily over hundreds of beef jerky brands in the world and the competition is stiff and crowded. It is no simple task starting a jerky business. One good point about starting a beef jerky (or any meat jerky) production business is that if you are diligent enough and if you have good business strategies, you can build the business by selling your products from your city to other cities and even exporting them to other countries in the world.

Other than sourcing for beef jerky pouches, the following items are what you’ll need in a meat jerky business:


Depending on where you make the jerky, to sell jerky commercially you need a commercial dehydrator that is National Safety Foundation (NSF) certified. A commercial dehydrator can easily cost over $10,000. Research the laws in your area.

You can also opt to buy a used dehydrator, which would save you a lot of money. Do your research on where to buy a used dehydrator.

Food Slicer

You can find a basic commercial food slicer that costs under $500, but it can cost more depending on the size, and brand. Again, look for a used slicer. Do a Google search or find them in classified ads and auctions.


Plastic Packaging Bags and Labels

Plastic bags for jerky is cheap. 2,000 resealable bags averages out to around 5 to 10 cents per bag.  Buying your bags and labels in larger quantities can bring the price down even more.  To make custom labels, you will need a template from a label maker. The initial cost to create a template can easily be $5,000 – $10,000 or even more. Assuming you want to start your business with four different flavors, that could cost you over $20,000 in label costs alone. The decision to create a new label template can be a big leap financially. Alternatively, you can have your jerky packed in digital printing flexible packaging for beef jerky at ePac Flexible Packaging, which costs more economical.


This is the most challenging aspect of opening up a new jerky business.  You may produce delicious jerky but figuring out where and how to sell your jerky is no easy task. It is a tall order to get any major chain store to sell your jerky.  You may start off selling on social media sites or online and gradually expand out to chain stores once you’ve created a name for your jerky.

Hard work along with persistence and a never give up spirit, anyone with a burning passion to be in the meat jerky business will ultimately succeed.